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shona on Mar 26, 2013:

How did you hang the art work?  The white panels.

Anonymous on Mar 28, 2012:

I bought an eames look alike chair but it squeaks. any idea how to stop the creaking?

Ruthie on Feb 22, 2012:

Hi Chris, I was trying to find the complete instructions for the origami shamrock you folded from a dollar bill. Would you be able to share them with me. Thanks, Ruthie

ceramarie on Jul 12, 2011:

Thanks for the add--Looking forward to joining the columbus DIY enthusiasts :)

Andrea on Mar 02, 2011:

I was trying to find your complete set of instructions for the shamrock origami... would you be able to share those again?


ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 08, 2008:

I would be happy to do a tutorial on them.  I know what you mean, I'm not a quilter but I love that ruler.


gabe.tippery on Apr 07, 2008:

Hey Chris. Where is your post?

berryberr on Mar 10, 2008:

Thanks for adding me as a friend!;P

DIY Maven on Jan 31, 2008:

Buying a sewing machine at a sewing machine shop isn't quite as stressful as buying a car! However, there is a lot to choose from, which can be intimidating. But you seem to have a price in mind, so that should help. Having 'extra' feet is a great perk. That's one thing with Berninas, they have TONS of specialty feet, which can add up--but they're really cool! (Mine came with maybe 4 or 5, if I remember correctly.) A walking foot is good for bulky stuff. Machine quilters, especially, like them. Are you going to quilt? If not, I wouldn't pay extra for something like that right away; they're pretty expensive. Oh, that's another thing. I'd hold off buying any extras right away. They may sound good, but you might not need them. It's best to play with it and see what you need. Feed dogs are those grippy deals that draw your fabric through as you sew. They're under your presser foot. Too bad about the uppity Bernina people. If you do go in to browse/shop and they give you attitude, just ask them if they're condescending and rude to all their customers or if it's just you--that should straighten them out!!

DIY Maven on Jan 31, 2008:

The Janome looks interesting to me too. I like that it says it has speed control, which sounds like variable speed. The pressure foot adjustment sounds great—I think mine is suppose to be automatic, but I’m not sure. And it has a DC motor, which is very good. Is there a Janome dealer near you? If so, I’d absolutely go in and take it for a test drive. Also, I’d even bring samples of typical fabric (especially heavier stuff and lighter stuff) that you think you’ll be sewing. I will warn you, however, this is what probably got me to buy the more expensive Bernina–testing them all out. It’s like shopping for a car. They start you at the Toyota and then move up to the Volvo. You’ll probably want the Volvo. Oh, and speaking of Volvo’s, where is Janome made? Although nationality shouldn’t matter, as you know, it often does. Berninas are made in Switzerland, and that European engineering is apparent.

DIY Maven on Jan 31, 2008:

Let me tell you what I like about my Bernina. It has a DC motor, which means it starts and stops on a dime. No run on after I lift my foot off the pedal. Also, it is variable speed. The harder I press my foot the faster it goes. Berninas also have this ‘magic needle’; you press the front of the peddle (your heel) and the needle drops down into your fabric. That’s a great feature. I do like that it’s electronic–no nobs to mess with. The variety of stitches is good too.

Now, what I don’t like about it. Although having a variety of stitches is cool, most are unnecessary. It can be finicky as far as tension versus fabric is concerned. Because it’s all metal inside, it means it’s heavy–which is great in a quality sense, but if you have to lug it out every time you want to use it, it can get old. Of course, that probably won’t be an issue for you. Ultimately, it’s a fabulous sewing machine and does everything I ask of it, BUT it was a little over a grand. Now, I wish I would have bought a less expensive Bernina, as this one is a little ‘over kill’, if you know what I mean.

vertigo on Oct 17, 2007:

indeed it would! the article that it DOES link too, says your name "Chrisjob" and ill shall give you a link!

vertigo on Oct 17, 2007:

UGH for some reason i cant post a comment on the blog i want to so ill do it here.

 did you know that your blog posted oct 8th about making homemade airfreshners is featured on aol, which then links to a page from Diy Life. 

i dunno just thought if you didnt know that you should!

ericson on Oct 09, 2007:

hello there friend. i need help.ive been looking for this kind of paint that has this cracking effect when it dries up whn applied on wood.its hard to find same kind of paint here in my location.or do you have any idea on what can i add or mix to a paint to have that crackig effect? if will really be a great help for me friend.


You Make Me Smile on Sep 10, 2007:

Thanks for letting me know about the fair at Skully's...I'm so bummed because I have to go to Cleveland this Saturday. I was totally ready to go there and get some really early Christmas shopping done! Let me know about other stuff like that though, if ya don't mind.

werehedgecore on Sep 09, 2007:

Thanks for that! I think I will  be going to it. I move in this Wednesday. Yeah, like Op Ivy.

: )

werehedgecore on Aug 31, 2007:

Wow. Thank you for your information. Glad you know both areas well. What part of Cincinnati did you live in? No, I didn't buy a house, I'm just renting the third floor of an old house.

Thanks again for you help,  If I ever have any questions I know who to come to now!

werehedgecore on Aug 30, 2007:

Jeez. Sounds to me like your a little sick of Columbus.
I'm moving from a fairly small town on the westside of cincinati, but I have lived in downtown Cincinnnati in OTR for about a year. Compared to Cincinnati's metro, I think Columbus has it beat. I'm moving to Chittenden, about two block from High street. Close to Summit and Fourth. I'll definetely need to check out the book stores. For record stores, I usually go to shake-it here, and I don't go for vinyl- mostly cd's, magazines, great books, and lots of those little characters you see for sale in Juxtapoz. buuuttt.. you will have to give me the names and places of these I would love to check them out. Possibly find a job in one of these places. I'm desperate for a job.

werehedgecore on Aug 28, 2007:

were friends!

how do you like columbus? I am moving there in two weeks.

LenkArt on Aug 16, 2007:

Thanks for educating me. I immigrated from Russia about 9 years ago, so there lots of thing I don't know about American culture. But I am learning...


LenkArt on Aug 16, 2007:

Who is Stephen Colbert and where I could see his portrait?

thinman on Aug 13, 2007:

Hey, your very welcome.

DIY Maven on Aug 09, 2007:


DIY Maven on Jul 02, 2007:

By all away. I told my mother about my plastic bottle idea, and she proceeded to tell me how to make a fabric one...and a crocheted one.... Mothers.

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