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So...I once painted a ceiling of a lobby black and with the new lights we installed it sparkled like the night's sky.… read more

Love this room a la Domino Mag. Just perfect!
Love this room a la Domino Mag. Just perfect!

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beccajo on Dec 19, 2006:

which issue was this one?  i love how the cutouts on the tables are repeated in the pattern on the sofa-cover....

yoooo on Dec 27, 2006:

So charming!! The colors are happy but not sappy

omgcordelia on Dec 27, 2006:

that is gorgeous. i want it so bad. it's got that morroccan vibe to it, but it's not so over-whelming.

megrockstar on Jan 02, 2007:

i concur

Alyzo on Jan 05, 2007:

it's a beauty.

jasparina on Feb 09, 2007:

Love the colour scheme!

bertandernie on Feb 22, 2007:

Wow, what a door... what a rug..!!  Nice pic.

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