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Hi! I'm Alicia and I can tell you three very concrete things about myself when it comes to homes and loving where you… read more

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LittlePDXhouse on Jan 16, 2007:

We also like your house very much.  :)  You guys should come to visit us, we would love to show you around.  It was nice to see you over Christmas.  I hope you are still practicing that awesome dance move we worked on. 

Krasdale on Dec 07, 2006:

Was I pouty? I've been having all these DIY daydreams, but I don't want to make capital improvements on something that isn't mine. My apartment is huge and filled with inherited furniture from the guy that had the place before me. I want to make my apartment pretty... so that the ladies will swoon.

I'll be home from the 21st to the 26th.

DIY Maven on Dec 05, 2006:

Hi Alicia! Your question yesterday about holiday cards inspired my how-to post today. Hope you like it!

Ingrid on Nov 24, 2006:

Hi Alicia!!! How are you???

SophiaGardens on Nov 22, 2006:

Happy Thanksgiving Alicia !  Nice picture of you !  I like the chair in your "clippings"

Alapides on Nov 20, 2006:

Your picture on bruno's page with your lacy shirt and the flowers is pretty cute, lacy.

benmoore on Nov 19, 2006:

Hey Alicia, great time last night, but wanted to congratulate you on a great homepage pic!  You look great!

DanDan on Nov 13, 2006:

Alicia, I cannot wait!

amoore on Nov 11, 2006:

Hey Alicia...I like your page - how'd you get the border? It was great to finally meet you the other night - I am looking forward to dinner!

benmoore on Nov 06, 2006:

Your profile is very cool.. I'm jealous. I need to get one like that. Maybe I'll meet ya on Wednesday?

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