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from "saucydwellings" livejournal community
from "saucydwellings" livejournal community

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megrockstar on Dec 22, 2006:

whered you get that couch!

kittenpants on Dec 30, 2006:

Your pictures inspire me! I love this sofa.

drop_out_boogie on Jan 16, 2007:

not mine, sadly...just a clipping/inspiration from "saucydwellings" livejournal community!

bruno on Jan 18, 2007:

That's a great living room. The hanging on the wall looks very West Elm-ish (made up word?)

DesigningMom on Jun 01, 2007:

Wow this room is awesome!  Funny how just yesterday something else brought back a memory from my sister's college group house of pop tab curtains and now I see this art very remenicent of it too.

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