Make a Tufted Velvet Flower Pillow as Good as Urban Outfitters

Tufted velvet flower pillow project
Photo by Holly Wade

I have a pillow problem. Anywhere I go, I instantly want to look at the pillow section and leave with an armful of pillows I DON'T NEED. It never stops me, and one of my favorite places to pillow shop is Urban Outfitters, which is where I stumbled upon these velvet flower pillows with tassels. Since velvet is my go-to fabric this time of year, I fell in love with the pillows and decided to practice self-restraint, telling myself I could make one and save a few bucks. Since I already had the supplies at home, my Urban Outfitters knock-off velvet flower pillow was FREE compared to the $50 version!        


Detail shot of velvet flower pillow

Working with velvet can be tricky, especially if your fabric is stretchy. Because of the detail involved with sewing around the flower shape, I would recommend choosing the least stretchy velvet or velour fabric you can find. I'd classify this pillow DIY as an intermediate sewing project because sewing the sides of the pillow is a little difficult (at least I thought so). My best advice is to use as many pins as you possibly can to keep the fabric in place and sew slowly so that you keep the shape of the pillow. 

Since I have a lot of yellow in my decor already, I love the cozy fall vibes this new tufted velvet flower pillow brings to the room!



  • 1/2 yard velvet fabric, low stretch
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Coordinating embroidery thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sewing machine, recommended
  • Pillow stuffing


Step 1 | Velvet pillow

First, you need to cut two large equal-sized flower shapes. I recommend taping papers together to make a template. For a more symmetrical flower shape, layer two or sides of fabric together, then in half. Trace half of the template along this folded side to trace and cut two symmetrical flowers. 


Step 2 | Velvet pillow

In addition to the two flowers, cut an extra long 3-inch strip. I actually cut two long strips and sewed them together to make one long piece. 


Step 3 | Velvet pillow

Starting in between one of the petals, pin one edge of the strip around the shape of the flower with the right sides facing each other. At the lows between the petals, the fabric will need to bunch slightly to keep the shape. Continue all the way around the flower, using a lot of pins to maintain the shape. 


While pinned, you can sew the ends of the strip together to form one continuous piece. Then sew around the pinned edges of the flower, back stitching at each end to secure. 


Step 5 | Velvet pillow

Repeat by pinning the second flower piece to the other end, keeping right sides facing together. Pin all the way around the shape but place two pins about 5 inches apart to indicate NOT to sew this section, then sew the rest.

Note: I recommend leaving an opening wide enough for your hand. This will make tufting the pillow easier. 


Step 6 | Velvet pillow

Pull the fabric right side out through the opening in the pillow. 


Step 7 | Velvet pillow

Check that the seams are all sewn well and the pillow is the proper shape. Fill with stuffing, but do not sew shut yet. 


Step 8 | Velvet pillow

Make a large tassel and thread additional string through the top. This will help you sew the tassel to the pillow. 


Step 9 | Velvet pillow

Thread a needle with a doubled-up piece of thread with the end knotted. From the center back of the pillow, poke through and push the needle all the way to the other side (place your hand inside the pillow to guide it if needed). Go over a tiny bit, and thread it back the other way. Pull tight to create a tufted appearance and tie the ends in a tight knot on the back of the pillow. Then repeat going through to the other side of the pillow, thread on the tassel and come back to the back, securing with another knot. 

Note: If this seems confusing, just remember that thread is thin and breaks easily. Since you'll be using it to tuft the pillow, you need to repeat the process several times to make sure the thread doesn't snap.


Step 10 | Velvet pillow

Lastly, sew up the opening with an invisible stitch. 

Yellow velvet pillow project

Trim any threads showing, even out the tassel or give it a quick roll with a lint roller (my fabric was messy) and it's ready to display! Velvet pillows are ideal for fall and winter because they bring such a coziness to your decor!

How to make a velvet tufted flower pillow
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Chris Gardner on Oct 15, 2018:

Very cute, Holly! I love the fabric choice. Awesome pics :)

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