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Try this Christmas Tree Alternative! Wooden Dowel Tree Decor

by on Dec 12, 2017

Although I love having a traditional Christmas tree in my home, that’s not the case for everyone. Whether a traditional tree it doesn’t fit your Christmas style or you don’t have the space for one, this simple wooden dowel tree is a great Christmas decor alternative that still allows you to hang ornaments. This minimalist-style DIY will still brighten up a space of your home and fit perfectly in a corner or even on a tabletop!

Wooden dowels made to look like a decorated christmas tree.

Christmas decor has many styles, and the ornaments you use to decorate your tree will help produce the aesthetic you love. Since I love color, I used colorful, metallic bulbs to decorate my wooden tree and set it in a corner of my room to fill a space that was just begging for a little love. 

Overall, it only takes about 30 minutes to make! 

A glue gun and other tools near a cup full of rocks.


  • Three 1/4-inch wooden dowels
  • One 1/2-inch wooden dowel
  • Hand saw
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine or similar
  • Pot or similar container
  • Heavy rocks
  • Measuring tape


Fill a pot with rocks.

Hand hacksaw blade and measuring tape on the floor.


Cut the 1/2 inch dowel to the desired height of your tree, about 36 inches, using the hand saw. 

A person putting a stick in a cup of rocks.


Stick the cut dowel into the pot and reposition rocks to secure before continuing. 

Six different sized pieces of yarn from shortest to longest.


Cut the 1/4-inch dowels into descending sizes. Cut the largest bottom piece to about 24 inches and cut each other piece 4 inches shorter than the last so that you have six pieces.

A person using a green glue gun on two dowel rods.


Use hot glue to attach the lowest, longest piece about 12 inches from the bottom. Hold in place until the hot glue is hardened enough to hold. 

A tie wooden stick


Cut a piece of twine about 8 inches long. Use a bit of hot glue to attach one end and wrap it around the intersection of the dowels, gluing the opposite end in place. Remove glue strings. The twine adds extra stability and hides unsightly glue. 


Repeat with the remaining dowels, leaving about 4 inches between each piece. Once all of the pieces are attached and the base is secure, start hanging ornaments! You can also make a simple tree topper with cardstock paper. 

Shiny pink, and turquoise Christmas tree balls are tied to wooden dowels.

This wooden dowel tree doesn’t take up much space, it’s very lightweight and it provides minimal but elegant Christmas decor!

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