9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Using Your Smartphone

Apps to optimize your summer

Summer is fleeting, and you want to make the most of these warmer months. But where to start? Your phone is a great resource, because there are so many free apps out there that can help you optimize your vacation, schedule the myriad of activities you plan on doing, and keep you safe in the sun. We've rounded up 9 of our favorite helpful summer apps, almost all of which are free!         


Summer Apps to Help You Make the Most of the Warmer Months


1. QSun: This app can keep your skin healthy and safe this summer. Protect yourself from the sun by downloading the QSun app, an app that gauges harmful UV rays. It can also analyze your skin based on melatonin levels, and it will tell you how much sunscreen is enough based on what clothing you're wearing. Before you head poolside, download this app.



2. Soon: Do you have big plans this summer, but can't keep track of all the things you want to do? Download this app to create your summer bucket list. It covers all topics, from movies to travel, and organizes the data in helpful ways - such as mapping out key destinations.


A Design Kit

3. A Design Kit: Add a splash of color, pattern, and fun to all your summer snapshots with this app. A Design Kit was created by the minds behind A Beautiful Mess, so you the designs and patterns are going to be adorable. Add glittery script, unique stickers, and graphic designs to your photos.


Star Chart

4. Star Chart: Star-gaze your summer nights away. Need to know where to look? This app will tell you where. Using augmented reality, you can spot constellations in real time. 


REI Co-op National Parks Guide

5. REI Co-op National Parks Guide: Before you head out to enjoy our beautiful National Parks, download this app to guide you on your hikes. Not only does it inform you of which hikes are the most popular, most kid-friendly, or most beautiful, but it can also keep you on the path even if you're outside of cell service. 


Water Tracker Daily

6. Water Tracker Daily: The hot days of summer mean an increased risk of getting dehydrated. If you need the occasional nudge to remind you to drink water, Water Tracker Daily will do just that. Receive push notification reminders to chug, and try and meet your daily goal.


Weber® Grills

7. Weber® Grills: Do you feel like less than a pro when flipping burgers? This app takes the guesswork out of grilling by offering recommended times and temperatures. Plus, you can browse hundreds of original recipes and even make grocery lists.


8,500 Drink Recipes

8. 8,500+ Drink Recipes: It has the most straight-forward name on this summer apps list, but who can't appreciate occasional directness? This app features - you guessed it - 8,500+ mixed drink recipes. A day by the pool wouldn't be complete without an iced mix drink, you just have to figure out which one you want to make!



9. Freeletics: If you're trying to achieve your summer bod, guess what? Free summer apps do exist for that! This workout app is like having a trainer in your pocket. Plus, all the exercises are equipment-free, meaning you can work out wherever and whenever.

Summer apps to help you make the most of these warmer months
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