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Alternative Uses for Vinegar: Free Cheat Sheet Download

by Bruno Bornsztein

Alternative Uses for Vinegar

This month we're focusing on cleaning and organization, and we're giving away a series of helpful cheat sheet PDFs from the Curbly library. So far, we've shared a kitchen cleaning cheat sheet, a bathroom cleaning cheat sheet, and a general house cleaning cheat sheet. Today we have one on "Alternative Uses for Vinegar". Read on to find out how to download it!

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175 Uses for Naturally Fresh White Vinegar

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

175 Uses for Naturally Fresh White Vinegar

Pam or Ryan would have gladly cleaned the microwave in the break room if there had only been some white vinegar in the cabinet. There is almost nothing white vinegar won't clean up or do for you around the house. Natural, easy, and odor neutralizing, hot steamy white vinegar loosens baked on crud inside the microwave plus 174 more amazing feats.  Did you know you can use white vinegar to

1. bleach out sun spots on your skin

2. clean your white grout

3. treat Athlete's Foot

4. control dandruff

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