Interesting Wall Decor Ideas Using Everyday Items

by Faith Provencher
Interesting Wall Decor Using Everyday Items
Photo: Stitch Design Co.

Expensive art isn't for everybody. Sometimes you just need a creative way to fill a large wall without breaking the bank. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging artwork on my walls... but I have some areas in my home that are just too large to fill with big, pricey paintings right now. So today I'm sharing lots of interesting wall decor ideas using everyday items you probably already have at home.   

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Curbly Original
Make This: Easy Wall-Mounted Air Plant Holder

by M.E. Gray

Make This!: Wall-mounted air plant holder

One of the things I love about air plants - also known as tillandsia - is that they can be displayed in virtually unlimited ways. With soil out of the picture, an air plant can live in any container, on any ledge, in any opening, on any surface; they are one of the most versatile plants in terms of home decor. Which, for someone like me who loves crafting things, is the gift that keeps on giving. Looking to fill a bit of wall space, this wall-mounted air plant holder does the trick. Keep reading to see how easy it was to make!           

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How High Should I Hang A Picture: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

by Jesica Versichele

How high to hang pictures? Wall art placement tips

How high to hang pictures? Should they be at eye level? Does that mean my eye level or the eye level of the average person? What if I have very high ceilings? What about those gallery walls everyone is posting Pinterest pictures of? It's a lot to think about, right? Sometimes it seems as if there are as many answers to this question as there are different kinds of houses. This quick cheat sheet is designed to help you make this decision based on your own interior, and find the perfect height to hang pictures in your home.

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