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DIY Moon Phase Wind Chime

by M.E. Russell

DIY clay lunar wind chime

There's going to be a full moon this weekend. Do you believe the hype about how full moons bring the crazy out in people? In addition to that, Mercury is also in Retrograde, so maybe just plan for having a chill weekend. Whether or not you care about the solar system and its effect on your personal life, I think we can all agree that moon phases all the rage. Not wanting to pass up on this bohemian trend, I brought moon symbols into my home with a lunar wind chime - keep reading to see how!         

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How High Should I Hang A Picture: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

by Jesica Versichele

How high should I actually hang my pictures?

Should I hang this picture at eye level? Does that mean my eye level or the eye level of the average person? What if I have very high ceilings? What about those gallery walls everyone is posting Pinterest pictures of? It's a lot to think about, right? Sometimes it seems as if there are as many answers to this question as there are different kinds of houses. This quick cheat sheet is designed to help you make this decision based on your own interior.            

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