Roundup: 10 Outdoor Party Essentials

by Lidy Dipert

10 Outdoor Party Essentials

Photo: West Elm

Hosting those summer dinner parties are always a must - it's where you share and make lasting memories with close friends and family. Here are 10 must-have outdoor party essentials to help you plan the perfect evening with your loved ones. Think minimal and modern with lots of great textures! 


10 Outdoor Party Essentials

Photo: Scandinavian Designs

1. It's important to start thinking from the ground up when planning a perfect dinner party...

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EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors

by Lexy Ward

It's a proven fact that plants just make a person feel happier. In my own home, there are several large plants in the main gathering spots and people tend to gravitate toward those spaces naturally. Whether you live in a large home or a tiny apartment, there are ways to bring the garden indoors! From wall plants to a mini succulent garden, you can totally enjoy all that plants have to offer in almost any space! 

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How To: Make Paper Roses In Minutes!

by Lexy Ward
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Photo: Lexy Ward

I  love working with flowers. Fresh or fake, they just make me happier. While not all of us have a green thumb (I am not declaring I do as I am still struggling to keep my plants alive), paper flowers are the easiest way to enjoy some new blooms and keep them around far longer than a few days. And you can make this version in a matter of minutes! So hunker down with that hot glue gun and let's get to work.      

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Curbly Original
How to: Easy Geometric Solar Lights for Your Porch or Patio

by Faith Provencher
How-To: Easy Geometric Solar Lights For Your Porch or Patio
Photo: Faith Towers

Solar lights are functional and great for the environment, but not always attractive. I'm here to change that - today I have a super easy project that will transform generic solar pathway lights into lanterns pretty enough to be the centerpiece on your outdoor dining table. Keep reading to check out the full photo tutorial.   

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How-To: Copper and Wood Bud Vase

by Rachel Mae Smith
DIY Bud Vase
by Anna Bode

If you're looking to combine two current trends right now into one fancy diy, look no further than this copper and wood bud vase tutorial! It's really everything Pinterest dreams are made of. One of my favorite parts about this project is that even when you don't have fresh flowers on hand, this vase still looks great on your wall. Plus you even get to learn how to bend wood. No joke. Learn how to make it now:

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