Hand Hooks: Creepy or Cool?

by DIY Maven

Hand Hooks: Creepy or Cool?

Submitted for your approval: Imagine as you enter your home, disembodied hands reach out from the walls, gesturing to you. They offer to take your coat, keys, wallet. (Insert spooky theme song of The Twilight Zone here.)

Available through Unica Home, Harry Allen’s Hand Hooks are made from "detailed casts of the designer’s own hands." The truncated appendages will set you back 75 bucks each--or 15 bucks a digit.

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The Fix Its: DIY Magnetic Flower Vases

by Bruno Bornsztein

Our DIY magnetic flower vases
Alicia found these great magnetic flower vases that amaze your dinner guests by balancing implausibly on the table-top. Unfortunately, the price tag was also implausible ($42 dollars!).

So, in true Curbly fashion, we decided to do it ourselves. Here's the video, details and links are below.

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For those of you who want to try this at home, here's what we ended up buying, and some tips to get you started:


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