How To: Make Your Own Swirled Lollipops!

by Capree K

created at: 02/16/2012

I was thinking long and hard about how to work a Wizard of Oz/Lollipop Guild pun into this post, but I gave up.  Instead, I'll throw out a lazy "Tra la la la la la la", hope you make the connection, and follow it up with this exclamation: making your own swirly lollipops is fun and awesome!  Here's how.   

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Curbly Original
Roundup: 15 Semi-Homemade Christmas Cookie/Treats

by DIY Maven

Some of us don't have the time or the inclination to roll out cookie dough come Christmas time. If you fall in to that category I'm here to absolve you of any guilt you might be feeling. Stop it! Not all of us are Just Desserts contestant wannabes. SO, for this Christmas cookie/treat roundup, I found ideas that require MINIMAL work on our part as they start with store bought cookies, snacks and candies. 

Starting at the top is Miss Candi...

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14 Easy Indulgences for your Home

by DIY Maven


Indulgence is not exactly a word casually thrown around in tough economic times. That's why I love The Stir's 14 easy indulgences for the home; some of them don't cost much at all while others are totally free!   

  1. Fresh flowers (daisies seem to last FOREVER and they're one of the most inexpensive cut flowers you can buy; or perhaps a flowering plant, which will last longer than cut flowers too.)

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It's a Hot One: Root Beer Home Brew

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 05/28/2010

This hot weather is reminding me of the days of yore when my high school boyfriend's parents decided they were going to brew their own root beer. Like most of their half-baked DIY schemes, it was a huge flop. Shell shocked after that fiasco, as well as a subsequent bad break-up, I never thought I'd consider trying my own home brew. Times have changed. I'm ready to DIY this one from

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