My Colortopia: It Can Be Easy to Choose Paint Colors

by Bruno Bornsztein

I don't know about you, but that giant wall of color swatches at the home improvement store scares me to death. Whenever Alicia and I are painting a new room, we walk up to the paint department and I just stand there, mute, hoping she won't make me be the one to choose a color. 


Well, Glidden paint has a new online tool that may eventually make the color-swatch-wall-paralysis problem moot.  It's called My Colortopia – a place where color-noobs and color-lovers alike can get advice on interior design and painting decisions.

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Test Drive Your Paint Colours...

by Lilybee

...Or colors if you like. BHG has a fun little tool that lets you play with paint, furniture and accent colours in sample rooms. Want to see how your room (or something like your room) would look with a tangerine walls, purple ceiling and taupe couches? Done.

Careful though 'cause it's a good way to lose 2 hours. You have to sign up to play with it, and there is also a colour-a-house and a try-a-window-treatment tool. Way more fun than paint...

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Stop...It’s Hammer Time

by DIY Maven

Stop...It’s Hammer Time

Picture this: A caveman (or cavewoman) picks up a rock and starts to whack on something. He (or she) inadvertently invents the first hand tool, namely, the hammer.

If you’ve ever visited your local hardware store in search of the appropriate hammer for your latest DIY project, you’ll see we’ve come a long way since the rock-as-tool days. From the heavy-handed sledge to the delicate tack and everything in between, there’s a hammer for every...

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