How to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water

by M.E. Gray
How to drink more water

I lived in Florida for about 10 years, so I am more than familiar with heat (and humidity!). When it's over 90º for 70% of the year, you learn how important it is to stay hydrated. Since moving to the Midwest where the temperatures are a little less dire, I've started slacking on my water game. My body isn't as loud when it tells me I need to drink more water. But being able to stay hydrated is so important, especially in these warmer summer months. I set out in the beginning of the year to make hydration a priority - it's actually the only New Years Resolution I can remember making, probably because I stuck with it! Here are a few ways that I'm keeping with my goal, and system you can use to teach yourself how to drink more water throughout the day.            

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