5 Painted Staircases That Will Blow Your Mind

by Capree K

created at: 10/27/2010

...Or melt your face.  Either one.

So, we live in a townhome right now that is covered with really awesome wall-to-wall carpeting.  And by "awesome" I mean "nasty".  We have a staircase that's covered in this unfortunate material as well, and I've always wanted to rip it up and see what's going on under there.  In my fantasy world, it would be lovely wood in need of some minor sprucing up, which I could then go buck wild on with some colorful paint.  

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Three DIY Under-the-Stairs Storage Solutions.

by Chris Gardner

When the floors are filled, the walls covered, and the closets brimming then, my friends, look to the space under the stairs. DIYLife has collected three clever options to squeeze some extra storage out of your existing space. "The area beneath your stairs is a common household dead zone, but it's actually the perfect place to stash your stuff...." Provided, of course, there's not another staircase under it. :)

Project 1: Under-the-Stairs...

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Stairway to....nowhere?

by DIY Maven

What do you get when you cross a staircase with a cabinet and a room divider? A Green Tea Design step chest. According to the website, they are adaptable in that "each step chest is really three pieces, so you can play around with different configurations as the need or mood takes you." Green Tea also allows you to pick your stain and hardware too.

No entryway in your home? Plop one of these down next to the front door and not only will you have...

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