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Make These: Pun-tastic Christmas Ornaments

by M.E. Gray

Punny, funny Christmas ornaments you can make

There's something about the holidays that invites silliness, right? Am I alone in this thinking? I enjoy a good pun any time of year, but I especially love and appreciate the Christmas-y ones. There's no shortage of groan-inducing jokes out there either (a quick internet search will show you that). A couple silly decorations will fit right in on your Christmas tree, plus they'll provide a nice chuckle. Keep reading to see how to make these punny Christmas ornaments, with printable designs!           

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Faux Fire

by Lilybee

When the weather turns rubbish nothing beats snuggling up in front of a fire, possibly with trashy fiction and preferably with some kind of chocolaty beverage. It's just what winter should be all about. Unfortunately our apartment doesn't have a fireplace so I was forced to improvise...

created on: 11/20/08

While technically it wont keep me warm, (except in a cockles-of-my-heart way) it was super easy to make and it makes me smile, and my baby scream with...

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Shave Your Back!

by Chris Gardner

Shave Your Back!
Welcome the iShave, the telescoping razor designed to help you shave your back and other hard to reach areas.

Though it's not clear from where the "i" comes, the website includes a demo, of sorts, that lets you extend and retract the razor at will. The unit expands to 24", and includes extra-wide, disposable blades designed to help with "tactile shaving."


Whatcha think? Inventive? I guess. Safe? Perhaps. DIYable? Don't know, but I'd start with a...

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