Make It: No Sew Roman Shades

by Lexy Ward
diy faux roman shades
Photo: One O

I'll be the first to admit that making roman shades as not been my forte. My last two attempts were nothing short of disastrous. The shades looked great when completely let down. And that's all they did, because I was so confused when sewing them that I did things wrong and they never pulled up correctly! I think I might go the "no-sew" route and try this faux version!

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How to Hem Wooden Shades

by DIY Maven

Ready-made Roman shades of the wooden variety come in many widths, but their lengths are generally about 72". That’s long, especially if your window is only 38". Although the shades work fine for any length, that’s a lot of weight to which to subject the shades’ mechanisms. Plus, there’s excess bulk at the bottom of the window. You don’t have to live with ill-fitting shades like this. You can hem them, and it’s a surprisingly fast and easy...

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