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Tame That Junk Drawer! Make This Roll Organizer!

by M.E. Gray

Organize your life with this DIY roll tool organizer!

Clean out your junk drawer and keep it in this easy rollup organizer.

It's the season of organization and purging, and it's high time to get real with ourselves. Let's talk about the junk drawer. You know the one I'm talking about. The drawer that holds everything and anything: takeout menus, a few rubber bands, hardware from that IKEA chair you bought two years ago, and an orange-handled pair of scissors. Maybe you are one of the blessed few who has managed to avoid the never-ending pit that is the junk drawer. Good for you - gold medal in adulting. If you are an actual human being like the rest of us, or just need a place to put all your tools, why not roll'em?    

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A Curbly Girl's DiY Holiday Wish List

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 12/12/08
Aside from my family, my favorite things in life are my camera, my sewing machines, and my beloved power tools.  If there's ever a doubt about what to buy a DIY Girl, at least one of these tools should keep her happy and busy for a couple of days.

These are just the tools I have right now. I'm not promoting any specific brand.

First up, Portable drill.  You can't say enough about a good, heavy duty portable drill, lots of drill bits and an extra battery.

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