Scrap Wood and Rope Bookshelf

by DIY Maven

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Scrap wood saddens me. Those little bits too small to really make anything out of, but too big to relegate to the dustpan. They're the kind you stack up and save...for awhile anyway. Until you ask yourself, "What was I saving these for?" Well, now there's an answer to that question:

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Tabletop Pinball Game (made from scrap wood).

by Chris Gardner

From Seamster's super creative Instructable:

"This is a tabletop pinball machine made from all scrap wood and bits and pieces of things I've held onto just waiting for a project like this. The ball is from an old computer mouse, with the rubber coating removed (you could use a marble as well). A crafty person should never throw perfectly good stuff in the trash. Just hang onto it, and eventually you'll find a new use for it down the road!"


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