How To: Whip Up a Minimalist Christmas Star

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 12/09/08

It could be an expensive work of art, but it's not. Read about the origin of this star and how simply you can make your own Minimalist Christmas star at OunoDesign, the blog of two very creative designers from British Columbia.  Once you see their work, you'll understand why they consider themselves artisans with modern sensiblity.  And just look at the modern patchwork throws they've made with silk scarves from the 60's and 70's.....

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Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)

by DIY Maven
This no-sew pillow slipcover idea is for people who not only don’t own a needle or thread but don’t know what they are.
Knot Another No-Sew Pillow Slipcover (The Package Pillow)
What You Need                                  What You Don’t Need
Ugly square pillow of your choice            Needle

Fabric: approximately twice the              Thread
    dimensions of the pillow,
    so about 40" square fabric
    for 20" pillow.



Nice Package

Lightweight cotton works great for this method.  Lay your fabric wrong...

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