How to Turn 3 Chairs into 1 Bench

by DIY Maven


bench made of chairs

Carpenter Ryan McPhail took 3 worn, secondhand chairs, which he bought for 18 bucks a piece, and turned them into one clever bench. The seats of the chairs were broken, so this reincarnation seemed the perfect solution! To make one of your own, you'll to gather the following:

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Island Girl Salvage: Rescuing Architecture from the Wrecking Ball

by Bruno Bornsztein

The girls from Island Girl Salvage
It's 2003; you just got laid off from your job at a telco (not the first time, either), and things are looking prety bleak. What do you do? Well, if you're like Liz and Tab at Island Girl Salvage in Elk Grove, Illinois, you start prying down all the  barn-doors, windows, and mantels you can find!

The Island Girls got their start by scouring salvage yards and antique store for original accents and details for Tab's own 126 Cotswold cottage...

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