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How To: Make a Concrete Mason Jar Lid

by DIY Maven
Concrete Mason Jar Lid Feature Image
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Once again, I'm super psyched to be able to share the second of two projects from my recently released book, MASON JAR NATION (Cool Springs Press, 2016)! (For the first project, click here.) Like the hanging air plant planter, this project can also be found in the "Crafts" section of the book. UN-like the last how-to, this one ranks easy on the easy to hard scale...

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How To: Make a Mason Jar Hanging Air Plant Planter

by DIY Maven
Mason Jar Hanging Air Plant Planter Feature Image
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

So psyched to be able to share the first of two projects from my recently released book, MASON JAR NATION (Cool Springs Press, 2016)! This DIY hanging air plant (tillandsia) planter is found in the "Crafts" section of the book and it's one of my favorites. (Although, to be honest, there are a lot of favorites in the book--as it should be, otherwise they wouldn't have made it into the book!) This project ranks medium on the  easy to hard scale, but that's only because it requires a bottle cutter (Click here to read my reviews of some popular bottle cutters. Long story short: Ephrem's is the best out there). Because my publisher, Cool Springs, is so very accommodating, they've agreed to let me share the project in its entirety straight from the book. 

Educated types will tell you Tillandsia, also known as “air plants,” are an epiphyte. No need to remember that as there isn’t going to be a quiz at the end of this project. What you do need to know is that epiphytes don’t require dirt to grow. They siphon the nutrients they need from the air, and as for watering, a one-hour dunk every couple of weeks, or a spritz every couple of days is just what the horticulturist orders. The best water to use is of the rain variety, of course, but distilled works well as does tap water that’s been sitting for 12 hours “off-gassing.” For sunlight, these virtually indestructible darlings prefer that which is bright filtered. Tillandsia’s unique growing requirements make them the perfect plants to grow in Mason jars, as each humble form highlights the other.  -----From MASON JAR NATION, by JoAnn Moser, Cool Springs Press 2016                                       


  • 1 clear, quart-size Mason jar
  • Bottle cutter and finishing equipment (We recommend Ephrem's Deluxe Bottle Cutter, $37)
  • Painter's tape
  • Small paintbrush
  • Etching cream
  • Metal hole punch or drill and small bit
  • 1 lid and band or 1 reproduction lid to fit the Mason jar used
  • 1 small cotter pin
  • 2’  of #16 single jack electro-galvanized chain requirements
  • Small washer with small a hole 
  • 18-gauge wire (about 8" or so)
  • 1 tillandsia


Cut approximately 1” off the bottom of the jar and finish the cut edge according to the technical instructions in MASON JAR NATION or according to the bottle cutter’s instructions. 

Hanging air plant planter etching cream
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Apply painter’s tape about 1/2” up from bottom edge of the jar.

With a small paint brush, apply etching cream to the exposed area. Keep in mind that a thick, even coat works best. Leave the etching cream in place for as long as the product’s recommendations stipulate. After that, rinse off the etching cream and remove the tape.

Hanging air plant planter hole and chain
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Next, punch or drill a small hole in jar’s lid. Thread the cotter pin through the last link in the chain, then feed the cotter pin through the hole in the lid. 

Hanging air plant planter cotter pin
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Slip the washer onto the cotter pin’s legs and bend them open. 

Hanging air plant planter wire
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Using a length of 18-gauge wire, gently wire up the Tillandsia. Then, feed one end of the wire through the top of the jar and screw on the jar’s lid. Note that 18 gauge wire is small enough that the band will screw on. 

When it’s time to water the Tillandsia, simply remove the lid and ease the plant out from the bottom of the jar. Just remember, after the plant’s soak, allow it to dry before re-inserting it into the jar. 

Hanging air plant planter for Pinterest
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Feel free to share this tutorial from MASON JAR NATION on Pinterest!

If you love Mason jars, you just might want to see the other 49 more projects featured in MASON JAR NATION. You can order it today from Amazon or Barnes & Noble ($15). And to read more about my road to publication, check out this post right here on Curbly. 

Image: Courtesy of Cool Springs Press


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Roundup: 10 MORE, Even Smaller Space Container Garden Ideas

by DIY Maven

10 MORE Small Space Container Garden Ideas Feature Image

We love small space container gardening in the Curbly neighborhood. Whether they're full of flowers, herbs, or vegetables, we don't care. Just so long as they're clever, good looking, practical and DIYable, which  all of these ideas are. 

farm table turned raised lettuce bed
Photo: Savvy Gardening


If you love raised beds and have just a wee bit of hand tool skills, this old farm table converted into a lettuce garden is about the slickest gardening upcycle ever. Find more details at Savvy Gardening.

purchased stair risers as raised garden
Photo: Outdoor Areas

A raised stepped garden made out of stair risers and window boxes is a bit of genius as well. 

leaning vertical herb garden
Photo: DIY Vintage Chic

This vertical garden idea is an orphaned image that I found here, but recreating it shouldn't be difficult. Just a piece of lumber with holes cut into 

swinging hanging garden
Photo: Upcycle Art

A unique take on the hanging pot is this...well, let's call it a flower pot swing garden. Lumber (perhaps from a pallet?), holes, pots, rope, done.

IKEA hack herb garden
Photo: IKEA Hackers

This vertical number was actually an IKEA hack using 5 Bjurön plant pots and 2 boards. Read the deets over at IKEA Hackers.  

clay pot vertical garden
Photo: The Horticult

We've profiled this idea before, but it's too fabulous not to mention again. Visit the Horticult to see how to make them. 

diy vertical herb garden, on a stick
Photo: Our Cozy Cubbyhole

We've also seen this idea before too, but Erika's take on the herb-garden-on-a-stick is much more delicate-looking which adds to its whimsy. Click here to see how she made it. 

chandelier turned hanging planter
Photo: DIY Show-Off

Roeshel gooses the whimsy angle even higher with her chandelier planter. Delightful, no?? Yes, and you know it. Here's a link to the tutorial. 

utensil caddy herb garden

This idea from the Unsophisticook couldn't be easier. It's a galvanized utensil caddy turned planter. The handy handle means it's portable, which in itself is pretty great. Move inside to harvest, move to a sunnier get the idea. One of these caddies was used for the project, but this one would be cool tool. 

double-sink/laundry tub as raised garden
Photo: Unsophisticook

And, finally, Jen's great upcycle idea using an old, double-sided washtub (a salvaged double, or even single, laundry sink could work too). I'm taken with how, even though it's a vintage item, it looks totally fresh. 

10 MORE Small Space Container Garden Ideas Pinterest Image
Feel free to Pin and share these great small space container garden ideas!

For even more small container garden ideas, click here, here, here, and here. (Proof that we do indeed we love small space container gardening around the Curbly neighborhood.)

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Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

by Faith Provencher
Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables
Photo: Burkatron

Sometimes woodworking seems intimidating, even for the best DIYer. But that doesn't have to be the case - there are plenty of easy projects out there that include great instructions. Here are ten of our favorite DIY accent tables made with wood.   


Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

1. This stunning midcentury modern style nightstand is about as easy as they come... get the instructions here. [Photo: Burkatron]

2. Make this timber side table for your patio using one long beam. Check out the thorough instructions here. [Photo: François et Moi]

Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

3. Use a couple of slabs of wood and some copper pipes to create this pretty accent table. Learn how here. [Photo: DIY In PDX]

4. You'll never guess what the pink part of this lovely wooden end table is made of... find out here. [Photo: Sugar & Cloth]

Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

5. Believe it or not, this gorgeous piece is made from one single board. Check out the how-to right here. [Photo: Pneumatic Addict]

6. By using a couple of different wood stains, you can achieve the beatiful effect above. Learn how here. [Photo: Bob Vila]

Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

7. This incredible console table combines a squared off base with a live edge top... get the tutorial here. [Photo: Pneumatic Addict]

8. This fun coffee table has a live edge surface combined with colorful tapered legs. Check out the instructions here. [Photo: Dream Green DIY]

Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables

9. This handy table can be moved to sit over the arm of your sofa... get the tutorial here. [Photo: Bob Vila]

10. This West Elm inspired coffee table looks incredible, and it isn't all that difficult to make! Check out the instructions here. [Photo: DIY Candy]

Roundup: 10 Gorgeous DIY Wooden Accent Tables
Share this article on Pinterest! [Photo: Sugar & Cloth]


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Roundup: 10 More Small Space Herb Garden Ideas

by DIY Maven

Small Space Herb Garden Ideas Feature Image

Growing season is upon us where I live, and I'm itching to plant some herbs. But where to plant? Outside, deer and rabbits mow down anything within their reach. Inside, there isn't much space. To overcome both obstacles, we've rounded up 10 small space herb garden projects  that could very well solve all my--and your--space and pest issues.

For the original 10 small space container and herb garden ideas, visit this Curbly post.

We'll start with a few indoor ideas, all of which take up very little space.

coat rack herb garden
Photo: Itsy Bits and Pieces


This idea comes from the Bachman's Idea House via Itsy Bits and Pieces. Making the hanging jars would be easy enough, and as for the frame onto which the hooks are attached, it could be reproduced using wood, or something like this could work. Expanding on the idea, a traditional standing coat rack could work too. 

Suzie Frazier's vertical garden
Photo: Suzie Frazier

I adore Suzie Frazier's vertical garden, which would be perfect for herbs too. Click here for the tutorial. 

Mason Jar vertical herb garden
Photo: Domestically Speaking

Maryann's take on a vertical garden couldn't be more charming--or simple!

Martha's tower herb garden
Photo: Martha Stewart

Moving outdoors, Martha offers this great tower-of-herbs project using terra cotta pots. It would be PERFECT for a patio or deck. I also like the idea of using random pots for the project, all of which you might already have on hand. (I do.) And if you don't, they're a common item at garage sales that you can pick up for next to nothing. 

hanging vertical garden
Photo: Brit & Co.

Still vertical is this outdoor hanging garden project from Brit & Co. (Adore!)

vertical trellis container garden
Photo: BHG

This DIY trellis used as a vertical container garden would deliver a happy pop of color all growing season long. Visit BHG for more details. 

frame vertical garden
Photo: Dash and a Pinch

For an even simpler take on the trellis idea is this basic frame turned vertical garden from Dash and a Pinch. (LOVE the random containers.) 

DIY Network's herb planter box
Photo: DIY Network

Clean, simple and lovely, the DIY Network's wooden herb planter box goes together in a flash. 

Bonnie Plants stepped herb garden
Photo: Bonnie Plants

Considerably more ambitious than the last project, but for the herb lover, this vertical stepped garden is the cat's meow. Visit Bonnie Plants for a detailed PDF. 

chain and ammo can vertical garden
Photo: Style Carrot

This last idea doesn't come to us as a DIY project...but it could be. Think about it, first, you build a frame, then using hooks at the top and bottom, attach lengths of chain. The original planters are actually ammo cans, but a similar version of the DIY Network's idea could work. Then, you'd just attach them to the chain via threaded rods and nuts. Right??? Gorgeous!! For  more pictures of the eye-popping garden in which this vertical garden is located, visit Style Carrot. 

Small Space Herb Garden Ideas Pinterest Image

Share this roundup of ideas on Pinterest!


For ten MORE small space container and herb garden ideas, visit this Curbly post.







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How To: Shiplap An Entire Room for $150

by Lexy Ward

I've been on the fence with the shiplap trend. Part of me feels it has a tendency to look like the walls you hang racks on in retail stores, but part of me also feels that, if done right, it can take on a beautiful and beachy-calm (new style phrase) look. And that's just how this room turned out! For less than $150! Read on to see the final look! 



See? I could definitely hang out/work/live in this room. And for only $150, you can definitely change things up if/when your style changes! Check out the full tutorial over on Always Rooney


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DIY Double Take: Make a West Elm Inspired Plank Coffee Table for <$50

by DIY Maven
West Elm's Plank Coffee Table inspiration
Photo: West Elm

When Amy spotted West Elm's Plank Coffee Table--pictured above--on their website ($999), she had to have one. But she also realized she could make one using pallet wood for a fraction of the cost. With her detailed tutorial, we can easily build one too. (By the way, even if we didn't use pallet wood, the DIY version would STILL be a fraction of the cost of the original.) So here is Amy's version:

DIY Plank Coffee Table
Photo: DIY Candy


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