Why We SHOULD NOT Be Using Pallets in Our Interiors

by DIY Maven

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Okay, here's the deal, a blogger by the name of Nick went on a rant a few months back about why we should absolutely NOT be using rescued pallets in our interiors. His argument is compelling indeed and has made me re-think all those 'pallet projects' I've promoted over the years. 

First he points out the history of rescued pallets.

  • They are "exposed to water, all manner of vermin and insects" and bird droppings.

Then he brings up E. coli &

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Why Bidets Are the Bomb (An Argument)

by Bruno Bornsztein

Bidets are the thumbs up. Try one today!
A bidet is contrivance for post-evacuatory cleaning of your posterior, and it's the awesomest thing you never knew you wanted in your bathroom. Most people in the United States think bidets are weird and gross, but I guarantee (not like, legally or anything, but still) that once you have one in your house, you'll never, ever, want to poop anywhere else. That's right folks, I said it; doing a poo and wiping up water-less is just nasty. 

Nearly everyone I talk to about bidets (and that's nearly everyone) acts mystified. How do they work? What does it feel like? Isn't it icky? So after a brief but hilarious discussion with Chris, I deemed it worthy of a blog rant.

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