15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You're Here for More Than the Pictures

by M.E. Gray
15 Instagram accounts to follow if you're in it for more than the pictures
Source: @thegoodquote

I love Instagram. It's the app on my phone that I reflexively open when I unlock the screen. I love swiping through stories to see what my friends are up to, and scrolling through my feed to spy and fawn over famous strangers. Instagram has been around for a while, and over time it's morphed from its beginnings as a "photo only" social media platform. From overheard conversations to motivational phrases, there's much more on Instagram to keep me opening the app again and again. Here are some of my favorite accounts that are more about the message and less about the image.       

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Avery Labels = Magnetic Poetry Words

by DIY Maven

Avery Labels = Magnetic <strike>Poetry</strike> Words

Grab a sheet of Avery Labels, one of those thin magnetic calendars you received in the mail over the holidays--generally from a mortgage company or a realtor--and make your own magnetic words.

For my Curbly-themed terms, I used Avery return address labels, #5267. I formatted them using Times New Roman, size 19 font, and aligned the text both vertically and horizontally. Although the #5267's were the perfect height, any size would work. As would...

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