How To Buy A Flat-Screen Television.

by Chris Gardner

It's no longer a matter of keeping up with the Jones, or a luxury of the leisure class. Chances are your next TV purchase will be of the flat-panel, widescreen technology.

How To Buy A Flat-Screen Television.

With the improvement of the quality and cost of these techonologies comes the difficulties of making lots of purchase decisions. No longer can one drive to the store, decide on a size, and pick the picture that looks the most clear.

Some questions to consider:

  • LCD or Plasma?
  • How...

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How to make your own ‘Ambilight’ television.

by DIY Maven

Phillips 47PFL7432D/37

Have you seen those advertisements for Phillips’ Ambilight plasma televisions? Although it’s probably just a gimmick, I was intrigued by the idea. Lit from behind my LCD’s screen wouldn’t be compromised by glare, and it would add needed light/drama to the room. I found something at my local big box store called Auralites, which are manufactured for under-shelf accent lighting applications. They, however, were just the thing I was looking for.


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