Compulsive Hoarding is No Laughing Matter

by Bruno Bornsztein

Ever feel like your house is filling up with crap? Do you have trouble getting rid of things? Well, things could be worse:

Compulsive hoarding is a dangerous psychological condition.



And while the images of compulsive hoarders' homes can strike us as humorous by their sheer absurdity, this is a serious pyschological condition with dramatic consequences: 


ABC News ran a piece this weekend on the psychology of compulsive hoarding (often correlated with obsessive-compulsive disorder). What...

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3 Steps to a New Entry Closet

by DIY Maven

3 Steps to a New Entry Closet

Closet organizers are great, but for a smaller closet, they aren’t necessarily required. Case in point: my front closet. It had been the Bermuda Triangle of the house for a number of years now. Finally, it was time to conquer the territory, and by following some basic steps, we prevailed.

Step 1: Strip It

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s best to remove everything from the closet before you attempt to organize it. If it’s just a matter of...

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Pantry organization!

by Myaimistrue

pantry - after

My brother gave me a $75 gift certificate to the Container Store for xmas. Here's what I bought! This totaled a bit more than $75 but I feel was really worth it. There are three sizes of container here, the two large 8x8x4 ones on the bottom, four 8x4x4 long ones stacked on top, and eight 4x4x4 smaller containers. So I actually have more room behind each of the small ones. I am amazed at how much room this gave me!

I wish I'd bought a few more...

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