Designing and organizing around big dog crates

by Georgetownhouse

These dog crates are the bane of my existance. Surely I can't be the only one who has a room that I'd like to look decent, but there's this big whonkin' crate (or in my case, two big crates) that just kills the space: You can't really put anything on top of them in an organized fashion, though ours of course become dumping grounds for stuff. You can't really use the wall space behind them for anything other than decorative stuff since the crates...

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Chalk it Up to 2007

by Erinloechner

Ok confession time. I'm a massive stickler for organization. Like HUGE. Ask my husband; he's quite used to my rants and raves when our gift cards aren't alphabetized in their correct file folders, complete with the running total of amounts, dated in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Sad, but true.

Chalk it Up to 2007

So you can imagine my excitement when Martha Stewart Living paid homage to my new favorite organizational trend: chalkboard paint. I've been eyeing this trend...

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A recipe for a great tasting home office.

by Timbenzinger

A glimpse into my home office.

One thing that always seems to be a problem is keeping organized in my home office.

I am a cofounder of a design firm responsible for designing and developing really cool looking websites, logos, and more. At the moment, there are three people in this small 10’x12’ room and to make matters worse, there are 5 computers in here that turn it into a living hell because of the heat, but that’s a story for another day. We plan on moving into a office...

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How to Make a Paper Clip Lampshade

by DIY Maven

How to Make a Paper Clip Lampshade

This is a simple and effective way to tart-up an inexpensive paper lampshade using office supplies.

The Materials

Paper lampshade

Decorative paper clips (I found these circle paper clips at Target; 50 for $2.99.)

Small paper punch (Or anything pointy will do.)

The Process

Mark shade with pencil at uniform intervals. I spaced my markings 1 inch apart.

Punch holes at markings.

Slip paper clips into holes.

For another office supply alternative, how about...

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Lofty Ideas pt. 1: Saturation Point

by Beccajo

I've been collecting magazine and online clippings for many a year, just waiting for the day when I had a blank slate to decorate all my own. That day draws near, I'll be moving into a new artists loft this spring.

It will have brick on one wall, and the others will be drywall. It has grey concrete floors. I have a black TV console with a grey TV, a white IKEA dresser, and a black and white shelving unit. No real significant rugs or chairs...

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