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Make This: Hanging Fabric Planter

by M.E. Gray

DIY hanging fabric planter to organize your indoor greenery

I was recently reading an article on how millennials are especially attracted to houseplants as it gives them something to care for since they can't really afford to care for anything else (the article is here if you're interested). As a millennial, you can count me in as slightly offended but also totally in agreement. My home is slowly being filled with all things leafy and green - I just can't help myself. With all these plants comes the need for somewhere to put them, so let's take to the walls with this DIY hanging fabric planter.         

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Deconstructed Reconstructed Furniture Trend

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

Deconstructed  Reconstructed Furniture Trend

Apparently, Nightwood Studio, a Brooklyn based furniture and interior design studio has tapped the trend in their deconstructed-reconstructed pieces. On first glance, the pieces look undone, but Nightwood insists nothing is haphazard in their designs.

"Each piece is built from salvaged, dismantled, and reconstructed vintage furniture and found items...

The beautiful “imperfections” are also what people are clamoring to get."

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