Decor Disputes: What is Your Most Embarrassing DIY Moment?

by DIY Maven

Having been an avid DIYer for more years than I'd like to admit, I've run into more than a few embarrassing situations. Even with measuring twice (nay, FIVE times) a board will still get cut too short now and again. Those kinds of incidences aren't so much embarrassing as profanity-producing. No, I'm talking about stuff that is so mortifying you want to crawl in a hole. Case in point: Several years ago I decided to make a mosaic 'Welcome' sign to put in my garden. I cracked and broke the tiles into just the right sizes, glued them down with thinset onto my sub-straight, waited a day and then grouted it up. It looked great! 

The sign was sitting on a bench

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Ginger's Major Mosaic Kitchen Makeover

by Mosaics By Ginger

created at: 08/16/2011

Not everything is big in Texas…especially not my 650 square foot condo that I felt needed a little excitement.  Everyone knows the kitchen is the epicenter of one’s home (no matter how small), so I figured this would be the best place to create a piece of art that would inspire my cooking as well as conversation from my family and guests.

I ran across the idea of creating a backsplash using broken plates and glass.  As you see, starting small...

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12 Incredible Mosaics from Around the World & Web

by Con Modern Diy

Mosaics, I love you. Let me count the ways.

  • You are ancient.  The oldest evidence shown in the archaelogical record indicates that mosaics date back to 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia.
  • You are seemingly universal.  So many cultures and so many artistic traditions have adopted you as their own medium of expression.  Each work is imbued with a unique look specific to the time and place of the maker.
  • You are complex assemblages of small things.  The...

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Mosaic House Numbers

by DIY Maven


If you've always wanted to try mosaic something but were intimidated by the process, don't be! It's really not that hard. Think of it like this: It's sort of like putting a together a jigsaw puzzle, only you decide what the design will be.

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Appliance Art

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009-02-20

Awhile ago I posted a photo of my friend's mosaic surfboard. Now she's gone and done a toaster and the piece of toast, to boot. She's revving up for a big mosaic workshop in San Francisco. Lucky!

I'm thinking she could try her hand at a Mosaic Sewing Machine.

To see more of her unconventional and conventional work

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How to Make Scrap Paper Mosaics

by DIY Maven

Jeffrey Rudell over at Craft Stylish shares his process of making scrap paper mosaics. Materials are minimal on this one and include scrap paper–junk mail works perfectly–and some time. Simply tear your paper and assemble the pieces in the image you imagine. I’d suggest maybe using archival glue to adhere your final vision to, perhaps, an artist’s board or even just posterboard. When fashioning your image, Jeffrey says there’s two things to...

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