Garbage Architecture

by DIY Maven

Jan Forbes makes some very interesting objects out of garbage. According to the designer’s website, the projects are inspired by looking at waste materials in a different way. The portfolio is especially inspiring. Via materialicio.

This bench/sofa is made out of cardboard tubes.

A tire-chair that actually looks comfortable and incredibly durable!

And for something a bit meatier, these stairs were constructed out of recovered floor wood from a...

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How To Turn an Ugly Coffee Table Into an Upholstered Bench

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

 What do you do with an old coffee table with a dinged up or stained top?  Turn it into a soft, lovely, upholstered bench for your hallway, end of your bed or as an upholstered ottoman in front of the sofa.  This pine bench was $13.99 at Goodwill (a little overpriced in my opinion).  With some  fresh new fabric, supplies and these simple instructions, it morphed into a different creature. 



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Top 12 Uses for Plastic Container Lids

by DIY Maven


  1. Sink stoppers: placing a plastic lid over a drain will create a vacuum and keep the water in your sink or tub.
  2. Kid coasters: let the tykes monogram plastic lids to keep their glasses from getting mixed up and from sweating all over the table tops.
  3. Cupboard and refrigerator drip pans: shove one under your pepper mill to catch the excess pepper that sifts out the bottom. Ditto for honey containers and all those other drippy things in the fridge.
  4. ...

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How to turn a Carmex tube into a super secret stash keeper.

by DIY Maven


What you need:

An empty tube of Carmex.
A knife.
A side cutter or sharp scissors.
A toothpick.
A cutting board.
A cup of boiling water.

What you do:

Over a cutting board, use the knife to pry off the bottom twisty part of the Carmex.


Shove the toothpick in the bottom hole of the tube and push the interior cup out of the container.


Using the side cutter, cut the twirly stick where indicated.

Place all parts in a cup of boiling water to melt any...

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Curbly Original
How To: Fuse Plastic Bags + Make a Sunglasses Case!

by M.E. Russell

Reuse and recycle: Make fabric from old plastic bags

As Earth Day approaches (mark your calendars! April 22nd!), I've been thinking about ways to reduce and reuse the things I don't need in my life anymore. I'm pretty good about recycling what I can - cardboard, papers, and bottles go in the curbside recycling, and compost I take to the local natural foods store. Plastic bags go to grocery stores with those plastic bag bins up front, along with other random thinner plastics like cereal bags, plastic wrap, and bread bags. If you don't have access to a plastic bag recycling bin, you can reuse your plastic bags by fusing them together to create a waterproof, flexible fabric!       

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Top 20 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

by DIY Maven

20. List it. Instead of listing everything you THINK you need, first plan your meals for the week and then buy the ingredients you’ll ACTUALLY need to make them. By doing so, experts say you just might save up to 41% on your grocery bill.

19. Eat first. This tried and true hint bears repeating, as going to the grocery story hungry is the primary reason we buy on impulse.

18. Skip the processed food. Not only are they not good for you, they cost...

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