Hardware Store Decor: DIY Industrial Pendant Lamp

by Chris Gardner

Sometimes, there are those DIY projects that are perfectly timely and just hit every right spot there could be. This DIY pendant lamp is one of those indeed: its industrial look and home center-only supplies make it a perfect project to go alongside Curbly's latest publication, Make It! Hardware Store Decor, and it works well in a dorm room, making it a great back-to school how-to. AND! Curbly and video host Meg Allan Cole are working on a fantastic new series to debut this fall. What could be better?

Meg says, "This is the industrial pendant light we made. It is perfect to hang by your bed for reading, writing, or crafting at night while your roommate sleeps. Customize yours to be the size, shape, and color you want to represent your individual style in your new dorm room. As mentioned in the video, you can drape some cool fabric over your bed, and hang the pendant light inside, giving you some privacy and a fun, fort-like nook."

Check out the post on Craftzine for a video how-to, as well as lots of great dorm decor tips from Meg.

Happy fall!

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