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How To: Textured Plywood Large Scale Art

Vintage Revivals Add a little whimsy to your walls with this giant textured plywood art piece. You can customize it to pretty much any color you’d like and still get the texture you see in the photo. Click through to find out the secret material that gives the paint it’s texture.   

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Totally DIYable Modular Coffee Table

Decoist The Decoist spotted Curtis Micklish’s Etsy shop and fell in love with his work. The one item that particularly caught my eye was this modular coffee table, which is no longer available. (So no clue as for the price tag.) Made of what looks like

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Roundup: 10 DIY Soup Can Craft Projects

Mason jars? Check. Tuna cans? Check. Soup cans . . . here ya go. Ten to get us started. All super easy, and, no, they’re not all pencil holders. Soup can luminary tutorials are plentiful, but Salt Tree’s free printable patterns make them some of the prettiest

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