How to Turn Wire Baskets into a Fairy Light Globe

by DIY Maven

created at: 11/09/2011

Groddy wire hanging baskets. I had a rusted white one. I think my boo tossed it during a 'purge' earlier this year. Now I wish I had it. (Isn't that the way it always goes?) Of course, for this project I'd need two. Other than that, the supplies are minimal and include some small zip ties (got 'em), a can of silver spray paint (got it), a strand of fairy/Christmas lights (got those too) and some

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Make It: Pumpkin Luminary

by Craftmel

created at: 10/05/2011

It finally got below 100 degrees where I live (why do I live here?), and suddenly I have Fall Fever.  I was on the hunt for easy and inexpensive fall decor ideas and found this luminescent beauty, made completely out of materials found at your Dollar store or around the house.  

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Five Original Ways to Use String Lights

by Peaches2010

created at: 01/05/2011

Who doesn’t love the twinkle of string lights? They lend oodles of atmosphere to any environment.

Good News: String lights are on clearance right now! You can save some major cheese by stocking up right now. 

Bad News: When displayed plain and lonely, string lights tend to read a little too HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Or worse, WELCOME TO MY DORM ROOM.

Solution: Get creative. With the addition of a few inexpensive items you probably already have around...

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How to: Photograph Holiday Light Displays

by Chris Gardner

On Friday, I'm headed to the infamous Dyker Heights Light Display in Brooklyn, and will be taking my new Nikon D90 in tow.

But, no matter how carried away these holidaysters get - one Clark Griswold-disciple reportedly pays more than $5,000 in electricity each season - there's still a whole lotta black, and very little light, making for some tough shutterbugging.

Thankfully, plenty of master photographers have already thought through the...

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Unusual Uses: Five Fresh Ideas for Christmas Lights.

by Chris Gardner

Friends, it's 2009, and wrapping your holiday lights around a tree trunk and a few lower branches has simply been done.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Twinkling Lights

So, if you're into trying something new, check out these five ideas assembled by Diane Rixon at DIYLife. The best part is - you probably already have most of what you need to try them out.

1. Paper Doily Wreath.

2. Cascade of lights.

3. Glowing hanging baskets.

4. Winter topiary.

5. Bright birds.


Check out the list here.


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Build Your Own DIY Grow Lights.

by Chris Gardner

Sure, you could go to the fancy indoor garden/hydroponics store and buy speciality grow lights that mimic the color spectrum of the sun's rays. Or you can make these LED spikes from Popular Science.... Goodness, even the name sounds cooler. "These bulbs actually work best as a supplement to sunlight during the day; however, they’ll also provide enough light after dark to ensure that your plants get the 12 to 18 hours a day they need to...

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Caution! Christmas Light Safety Tips.

by Chris Gardner

Whether they're outside, inside, or perhaps a bit of both, Christmas lights are connected to your home circuit, and as with anything, especially those outside, you gots to be safe.

Here's a few tips from Suite101 to keep the fires in the yule logs and the shocks on your face when you open the perfect gift.

•    Leaving lights on while not at home
•    Christmas Tree Advice
•    Extension Cords
•    Stringing lights together
•    Touching a...

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Blinds with Built in Solar Lights

by DIY Maven

created on: 11/13/08

These vertical blinds by Yoon-Hui Kim & Eun-Kyung Kim hold a little secret, a solar lamp. Here's how it works: the blinds, which are closed during the day, are outfitted with tiny solar pads mounted on the blinds' vertical slats. As the sun goes down, the pads lighten, revealing a luminescent floor or table lamp or even a chandelier. Why not just use some phosphorescent material? I'm guessing it might not cast as much light as the solar option...

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The Future of Fluorescent Fixtures

by DIY Maven

Nearly every office building in the entire world is plagued by ghastly fluorescent lights hanging overhead. Can’t you just feel them suck the jelly from your ocular cavities? I can. So why do people use them? Because of their energy efficiency of course. But why do they have to be so ugly? They don’t. At least Ross Lovegrove’s System X by Yamagiwa isn’t. Described as a modern, sculptural lighting system, the x’s are actually an ‘interconnected...

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Another Light Cover

by Lilybee

created on: 08/24/08

This is yet another way to temporarily hide a less than ideal light fixture. You'll need:

  • Some garden or jewellery wire.
  • Some glue.
  • Some paper.

Wrap your wire around your light fixture, avoiding direct contact with the bulbs. If you're got unsecured electrical wires then a. don't try this and b. call your super!

Cut out some shapes from your paper, You could draw something freehand or try googling flower silhouettes, but bear in...

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8 Ways to Cover Ugly Light Fixtures

by Lilybee

Sure it's super easy to change light fixtures, but sometimes you just can't. If your space is really temporary, like a dorm room or a short term let, or even if you don't have access to switch off the electricity then a refit is out of the question.

Here's a few ways to deal with oogly light fixtures that won't lose you your deposit.

created on: 08/20/08

1. Chic Scarf

A student classic that can actually work really well. The old scarf-over-the-lamp...

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