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How To: Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons

by Matt Allison

How To: Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons

I love growing and cooking my own vegetables, though sadly due to space restrictions in our yard, the only fruit I'm able to grow is a lowly Eureka lemon tree.

Not that lemons are something to be sniffed at; in summer we drink amazing lemon minted water out on the porch, make our own cordials and desserts, and as we move into fallI collect the bounty and preserve them for one of our favorite dishes, chicken tagine.

Preserved lemons are commonly used in North African dishes, and their salty taste and texture lends complexity to the simplest dishes like sauteed vegetables.

While preserving them takes little more than a mason jar and salt, my recipe below takes it up a notch and boosts the flavor.

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The Top 3 Money-Saving Cleaning Must-Haves!

by Capree K

The Top 3 Money-Saving Cleaning Must-Haves!

There are a million different cleaning products on the market all vying for a spot in your supply closet, not to mention a chunk of your budget.  But before you bring home the next new wonder spray, consider these three money-saving cleaning must-haves: they're widely available, kid and pet friendly, and cheap, cheap, cheap!  

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15 Alternative Uses for Lemons

by DIY Maven

15 Alternative Uses for Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make....acne remover????? Apparently so. But if acne isn't a problem for you, maybe one of the other 14 alternative uses for lemons might be useful.

1. Fingernail Cleaner

2. Acne Remover

3. Guitar Cleaner

4. Sore Throat Treatment

5. Food Preservative

6. Antibacterial Soap

7. Natural Insecticide

8. Stain Remover

9. Cheese Grater Cleaner

10. Metal Shining Solution

11. Aide for Metabolism

12. Short-term...

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