Bulk Freeze with Individual Portions.

by Chris Gardner

With only two people in my house, there's always food to freeze. But that big iceberg of sauce can take hours to bring to temp, plus I usually don't need all of it. Sure, I could freeze things in smaller containers, but that wastes bags or those plastic boxes, plus it takes up much more space.

This tip from Lunch in a Box offers a solution:"A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small portions is to first put the food into...

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6 Ways to Use Carpet Scraps (With bonus tips.)

by DIY Maven

created on: 04/07/08

Last week we had new carpeting installed in the lower level of the house, and it looks marvelous. The scraps left behind, however, do not.

What to do with these rolls of leftovers? Well, you’ll want to keep some for insurance in case you need to ‘patch’ (God forbid) a spot in the future, but for the rest of it Mrs. Fixit has these suggestions:

“1. Hang a patch of carpeting on the wall in your garage where your car door opens. This way if you...

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Leftover Halloween candy? Don’t eat it, DRINK it!

by DIY Maven

Typical leftover Halloween candy options: One: you could eat it yourself and run the risk of chocolate overload. Two: you could take it into the office and let your co-workers go at it like lions on wildebeests. Or three: you could make some of these drinkable alternatives.

Kit Kat Bar Smoothie

1 cup chocolate milk

1 cup chocolate ice cream

2 Kit Kat bars, chopped

Combine milk and ice cream in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover...

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