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Have You Always Wished You Could Keep a Journal? Try This Technique.

by M.E. Gray

Do you wish you could keep a journal? Try this technique called the Gratitude Journal

Many of us wish we could keep a journal. It's comforting (and handy) to have a personal record of your life to look back on. Journaling also makes you a more disciplined and mindful person, which I, for one, could certainly benefit from. Keeping up with the habit of writing something down every few days is nice in thought, but generally it's hard in practice. There's always an activity that's more important or interesting than journaling. Maybe writing isn't your strong suit. And let's face it, life is sometimes boring and there's just nothing to write about. Regardless of the barrier that's keeping you from your journaling goals, this technique may help you stick to a routine. Instead of the traditional diary, try the Gratitude Journal. It'll actually make you happier along the way.          

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Make Your Own Photo Journals and Notebooks.

by Chris Gardner

The World's best Photography Blog offers tips and a video from Judy on how to make your own handmade Photo journal or notebook.

Make Your Own Photo Journals and Notebooks.

  1. Two Photographs printed at 4×6 or larger
  2. 50-75 sheets of paper (same size as your photos)
  3. White glue (or Elmer’s Glue)
  4. Scissors
  5. A Brush
  6. Two clothespins, binder clips, or pegs
  7. A small sheet of construction paper or craft paper (for the spine)
  8. Wax paper
Read the instructions, and watch the video, here!

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