A Curbly Girl's DiY Holiday Wish List

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created on: 12/12/08
Aside from my family, my favorite things in life are my camera, my sewing machines, and my beloved power tools.  If there's ever a doubt about what to buy a DIY Girl, at least one of these tools should keep her happy and busy for a couple of days.

These are just the tools I have right now. I'm not promoting any specific brand.

First up, Portable drill.  You can't say enough about a good, heavy duty portable drill, lots of drill bits and an extra battery.

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Make Two Tables from One Sheet of Plywood.

by Chris Gardner

I try to keep up with Instructables, but with so much user submitted content, it doesn't always keep your attention. If I see one more "How to Hack a Coke Machine" or "How to Make a Notepasser Out of a Ballpoint Pen"....

And sometimes, there's some terrifically clever people posting some great stuff. This morning, user BarnabyGunning (I hope that's his real name) offered an awesome tutorial on making two tables from one sheet of 4'x8' plywood...

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