Designer Q&A: Your Questions, Answered

by Redefinehome

This week, Linsi from RedefineHome answers some of our best reader-submitted questions.

Designer Q&A: Your Questions, Answered

Happy Monday fellow design lovers. Last week, I put out a request for your design dilemmas and today I’m here to help. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, I wish I could have answered them all, and so I hope we get to do this again sometime…

The first question is from dantimdad:

created at: 06/24/2011

My home is gradually being remodeled.  Since I love mid-century modern, it's being set back to it's 60's roots. My question comes from a gift of 8 franciscan starburst salad plates.  I can't fathom paying the prices being asked for the rest of the set except for a few key serving pieces.  What currently available dishes would you think would coordinate well with this pattern and not break the bank? BTW,  I will be building an MCM china cabinet soon to hold the dishes.


I’ve always believed in having a basic collection of white plates and servingware and playing it up with colorful, pattered dishes and linens.  I think this concept works perfectly with your Franciscan collection because you definitely want them to be the star (pardon the pun) of the show.  

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How to: Decorating in the Industrial Style

by The Good Mod

The industrial style in nothing new, but recently, it has become a popular choice for home and office decor.  Just walk into any design related, small or big box store and you will find a plethora of industrial themed pieces.  These stores are trying to mass-produce old industrial furniture, but many people prefer original pieces for the stories they tell and the character they maintain.  So, the question is - what do I need to know before I buy?


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