Worry Less On Vacation

by Lilybee

Worry Less On Vacation

The goober and I are heading to Ireland tomorrow for a week and a bit. My sweetie is sitting this one out which means I don't have to worry about the flat being empty.When leaving someone at home just isn't an option, there are plenty of things you can do to worry-proof your home they include:

  • giving your neighbours a heads up, and a contact number
  • using timers to turn on lights, radio's etc
  • turning the phone ringer off
  • cancelling...

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Seven No-Cost Tips to Keep Your Home Safer.

by Chris Gardner

The cost of a home-security system can be intimidating, or even preventative. Even everyday folks deserve a safe home, so take a peek at this article from the Smarthomesecurity blog.

Seven No-Cost Tips to Keep Your Home Safer.
 A brief summary: 

1. Trim your garden.

2. Lock up your tools.

3. Make it look like you're home often, even if you're not.

4. Replace outdoor lights.

5. Don't advertise big purchases.

6. Better hide your emergency house keys.

7. Lock your door! 

[Image from inkart.com] 

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