The Internet is Magic, and You Can Buy All Your Houseplants Online

by M.E. Gray

Where to Buy Houseplants Online - 10 online retailers

The internet is a beautiful thing. Anything and everything exists there, including online shops that will sell and ship houseplants to your home. It's basically an introverted millennial's dream (that's me, btw). I am fortunate enough to have a lot of nurseries and plant shops in my area, which is where most of my greens come from. I'd never considered that I could buy houseplants online, but after discovering how easy/cheap/non-confrontational it is, I have several green babies bookmarked on my computer. If you're looking for new places to find greenery, here are 10 great sources for you to buy houseplants online.           

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How To Plant a Winter Garden.

by Chris Gardner

Super-cool gardening magazine Mother Earth Living maintains, "With a few seed packets and a little planning, you can enjoy fresh salads, cooking greens and other garden treats year-round." They offer a series of tips for planting and growing hearty greens, lettuces, and root vegetables.

How To Plant a Winter Garden.
  • Plant in mid-August to mid-September. (Right now!)
  • Use leaves to keep soil warm.
  • Keep out bugs and critters.
  • All sorts of nutrional benefits. 

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