The Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Games

by Joel Selby

Road trip games: playing tic-tac-toe in the car.

Road trip games are a lifesaver, whether you're trekking cross country to sight-see or simply cross-county to see the grandparents, you're a college student on a butt-numbing quest to see how many states you can pin in a single weekend, or you're simply idling in traffic on the way to the airport.

Sure, you can flip through Facebook or have the kids watch Frozen for the 1,000th time, but why not use some of that road time to have a little fun while fostering a deeper connection with your fellow travelers? 

Read on for our ultimate guide to road trip games to get started!      

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Curbly Original
The Envelope Game: How to Have the Best New Year's Celebration of All Time

by M.E. Gray

The Envelope Game | A New Years Printable

Usually at the end of the year, I'm left thinking: "Holy cow - that was fast! How has another year gone by already??" That's not the case this year, which is rare. These past twelve months have felt pretty long, and I'm totally ready to switch gears and hop into 2018 mode. I'm looking forward to welcoming in another new year, and to celebrate, I'm sharing with you this New Years printable game called The Envelope Game. It's great for parties where everyone might not know each other, or if you're celebrating with a bunch of introverts (shout out to my people) who might need a little party-participation push.        

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Summer Living: How to Throw an Amazing Backyard Movie Night

by Rachel Jacks

There's something uniquely romantic about watching a movie outdoors. While drive-in theaters are uncommon these days, you can still experience a movie under the stars by setting up your own outdoor movie theater for a backyard movie night.

We've put together a list of everything you need for an amazing backyard movie night, from the best outdoor projector to the ultimate movie snacks. Once you have everything you need for your outdoor movie night, you'll be all set to make it a regular summer tradition. 

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¡Es el Cinco de Mayo!

by DIY Maven

¡Es el Cinco de Mayo!

Here’s a collection of some great sites that are sure to make your Cinco de Mayo fiesta muy excelente!

For a history of Cinco de Mayo and a great collection of recipes, visit

The Food Network not only has some excellent recipe offerings, but the pics of the dishes are sure to make your mouth water.

Kaboose has some fun craft ideas for kids and adults alike.

Nothing spells fun like b-i-n-g-o, Cinco de Mayo bingo that is. Go here...

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