Caldrea Countertop Cleaner: Herbs of Provence

by Bruno Bornsztein

Caldrea Herbs of Provence countertop cleaner
Man, I can not tell you how much I never imagined I would write a blog post with that title. But last week Alicia brought home a bottle of Caldrea's Herbs of Provence countertop cleaner from Target, and after a quick wipe-down in the kitchen, I was in love.

Listen to me. I sound like an idiot. But honestly, this stuff smells so good that I don't care. I once took a tour of a soap making factory in Provence (imagine a field in the French...

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Ooh La La... Know a Little French?

by Lilybee

Actually you don't have to know any french at all to shop at Coming B the French home/deco/STUFF website (think Anthropologie with a french accent).

Sure the exchange rate is a kick in the pants, but they deliver and are considerably cheaper than a shopping trip to Paris, here are some of my favorite finds:

Love Paris in the springtime?  Show your amour with an Eiffel Tower garland, 30 Euro

created on: 08/29/08

Create your very own Jardin du Luxemboug With...

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