Garbage Day Rescues Get Re-Do

by DIY Maven


This before and after is the reason why we should all keep our eyes peeled on garbage day. Rescued from the curb-side (they had a 'free' sign attached to them) the chairs fell in to capable hands. The shoddy paint job was sanded down and covered with a black, low-luster, latex. The cracked seats were repaired with glue and clamps and then hidden with a lovely black and white fabric, which was applied with artist's medium. You can see the entire...

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Serendipity STRIKES!

by Lilybee

You know how sometimes the universe seems to align itself so nice things shake down? When trilling bluebirds follow you around and cartoon mice sew you dresses? No? Here's an example:

Whilst organizing my kitchen cupboards I decided what I really needed was some nice glass storage jars, to hold STUFF. We have a trip to Ikea planned this weekend and I was going to pick up some Burken jars.

When (and here's where the serendipity comes in) I...

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