Free, Printable Mini File Folders.

by Chris Gardner

WHO CARES what you'd use 'em for? They're adorable!

Whisker Graphics offers these FREE, download, print, and cut miniature file folders. Coming in at 4.75 x 7", you could use 'em for any of these recommended purposes:

- Store recipes from magazines
- Print a out and give as gifts
- Keep one in your purse to wrangle receipts
- An invite's handsome carrying case. (They fit nicely in a A7 envelope.)
- Put photos in them to give to family and...

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How To: Make Custom Magazine Files

by Chris Gardner

Monica has created the perfect DIY organizational project: custom magazine files that fit not only your room's decor, but your bookshelfs actual dimensions. These are guaranteed to look much more sharp and last way longer than ye old Flyt...


So says Monica, "Having gone to many different stores in the Bay Area, we decided that to be most efficient we would have to embark on a journey to create our own boxes. This turned out not only to be...

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How to Turn a Tote Bag into File Tote

by DIY Maven

Portable file totes are a great way to store papers, but they’re generally very utilitarian. However, if you want a more attractive and inexpensive alternative, you might want to convert a straw handbag or basket into a personal file cabinet. The whole process took me about ten minutes and cost–no kidding–$2.50.


What you’ll need:

A straw tote or basket that will accommodate letter or legal-sized manila file folders (I found the perfect straw tote...

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