The Easiest Way to Try the Shibori Dyeing Technique

by Brittni Mehlhoff
The Easiest Way to Try the Shibori Dyeing Technique
Photo: Rachel Brewer

If I had to choose one DIY trend / technique that I never get tired of, it would have to be dyeing. Mostly because it's a very easy process that (truly) anyone can complete. Plus, the before and after transformation is generally pretty dramatic. There are lots of options when it comes to dyeing too, from traditional dyeing to over-dyeing to dip dyeing, etc. 

The one that I've been most interested in as of late though is Shibori dyeing, which basically means shaping and securing the textile before placing in a dye bath. I've simplified the process to make it easy enough for even the most beginner level DIYer to handle, and used rubber bands to create interesting designs in a matter of minutes. Click through to see how the pillows turned out and do some last minute decorating before the holidays roll around.


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Make It: Scandinavian-Inspired Leaf Wall Hanging

by Stephanie Lee
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

I've always loved Scandinavian prints. They manage to be both sophisticated and fun at the same time, and they combine so many of my favourite things; bold colours, plenty of patterns, playful shapes... what's not to love? So when I needed a little something to brighten up my bare walls, a Scandi-inspired wall hanging was the first thing that came to mind. Click through to make one of your own!


Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging


  • Fabric (I used white cotton)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Hemming tape
  • Leaf template
  • Foam sheet
  • Stamp mount (or cardboard box lid, jam jar lid or similar)
  • Cardboard
  • Craft glue
  • Fabric paint
  • Balsa wood
  • Twine

Step 1

Measure out a length of fabric based on how large you'd like your finished wall hanging to be.

When you're measuring, remember to leave around 1/2 an inch (1.5cm) on either side for the hem and the same amount at the top and bottom so you have space to attach the wood strips to mount your fabric.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 2

Cut out the length of fabric you measured.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 3

Give your fabric a good iron to remove any creases, then fold two hems along the long edges of the fabric. Iron the hems so they stay in place.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 4

Insert a strip of hemming tape underneath each hem and iron over the hems again so that the tape fixes them in place.

You can also sew the hems in position if you like, but I used tape so that there would be no stitches on the front of my wall hanging.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 5

Print out the leaf template onto a piece of card and cut out one of the leaves using a pair of scissors.

Scandinavian leaf inspired wall hanging

Step 6

Using the cardboard leaf as a guide, trace a leaf shape onto a sheet of foam.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 7

Cut out the foam leaf with a pair of scissors and stick it onto a stamp mount with craft glue. If you don't have a stamp mount (I didn't!), just use a jar lid or a small cardboard box lid instead. 

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 8

Place a piece of plastic film on your workbench to protect the surface from paint. Then lay your material flat so that the side with the hems is face-down. With a pencil, mark out roughly where you'd like your leaves to go.

If you're having difficulty figuring out where to place your leaves, an alternative is to print out more cardboard leaves from the leaf template to use as placeholders. Cut them out and lay them on top of your material so you can clearly see what your fabric will look like when stamped.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 9

Paint your foam stamp with fabric paint. Remove one of the 'placeholder' cardboard leaves from your fabric and stamp a leaf in its place.

Repeat this step until you've covered your fabric with leaves (for best results, reload your stamp with paint after stamping each leaf).

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Stamping tends to have an 'imperfect' finish, where some parts of the stamped image aren't quite filled in. If you've found your stamping has left patches and you'd like your leaves to be completely opaque, get a paintbrush and fill in the gaps.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 10

Once all your leaves have been stamped on, cut a small section of foam about 0.75 inches (2cm) long. Coat the edge of the foam with fabric paint and use this to stamp in the leaf 'stems'.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 11

Wait until your leaves have fully dried, then get some cardboard and cut a few strips in different sizes - we'll use these to start stamping in the patterns on your leaves.

To add a centre vein, cut a piece of cardboard that's the same length as your stamped leaf. Coat the edge of the card with white paint and stamp a line all the way down the centre of the leaf. 

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Then use a shorter piece of card to stamp in the rest of the veins.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Don't forget that the leaves don't have to be realistic - this is Scandinavian inspired after all! I used smaller bits of cardboard to create 'v' patterns and dashes on the other leaves. 

I also created dots on a couple of the leaves by dipping the end of my paintbrush in fabric paint and using that as a stamp.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 12

While you're waiting for the patterns to dry, cut four pieces of balsa wood that are around 0.6 inches (1.5cm) thick and just slightly wider than your piece of fabric.  

Step 13

When the paint on your wall hanging has completely dried, lay one of the wood pieces on your workbench, add some glue and then stick down the top of your fabric.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 14

Apply glue to a second piece of wood and place it on top of the fabric you've just stuck down. This will sandwich the top of the wall hanging securely between the two wood pieces.

Repeat this step for the bottom of your wall hanging.

Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

Step 15

Cut a piece of twine long enough to hang up your wall hanging and then tie it to the top wood strip, on either side of the fabric. 

Scandinavian inspired wall hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging
Scandinavian inspired leaf wall hanging

And hey presto, your wall hanging is complete!  Don't forget you can customise the colours, patterns and positioning of the leaves on this wall hanging to suit your personal taste and existing decor... there's plenty of ways to have fun with this project and make a piece that's unique to you! 

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How to: Easy DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

by Faith Provencher
How to: Easy DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume
Photo: Christi Craig

Pumpkin Spice Lattes get more and more popular every fall, and the craze will not be be stopping anytime soon. So, obviously, I decided to be one for Halloween. Click through to find out how to make your own PSL costume!   


Photo: Christi Craig

I decided not to go with a literal interpretation of the iconic drink - I mean, who wants to walk around in a giant cardboard cup all night? So I went with a more comfortable, figurative, sort-of variation. And it was so easy to make!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Here's what you'll need for your costume:

- A cheap white dress (I got mine here)
- A white scarf
- Light brown knit fabric
- 8" strip of velcro
- Printed Starbucks logo
- Hot glue gun
- E6000 glue
- Cotton balls
- Headband
- A straw and a coffee cup top
- Scissors
- A Sharpie

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Begin by sticking the straw halfway through the coffee cup top. Glue all around the straw on the underside of the top with E6000 glue. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area - this is strong stuff!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Once the glue has dried, clip off the excess straw piece underneath the top.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Put a line of E6000 glue around the lip of the top and begin gluing cotton balls to it... this represents the whipped cream on the PSL.

Next, cut out a printed Starbucks logo. You can easily find one by doing a quick image search on Google.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Cut a strip of light brown fabric that is the same length as the circumference of your waste and 8 inches tall. Glue or sew the velcro along the ends so you can wrap the fabric around your waist. Glue the paper logo to the center of the brown fabric and let it dry underneath a couple of books (so it dries flat).

Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume

Next, draw a rectangle on the hip or thigh area of the dress with a Sharpie and write "Drink" above it and "PSL" in a casual handwritten sort of script inside. 

I also made a little Starbucks bracelet by cutting out the word Starbucks and taping it to a cuff I already had. 

Photo: Christi Craig

And you're finished! I paired the outfit with black tights and ankle boots, and metallic coppery brown makeup. And you could even take the whole thing a step further by gluing some copper glitter onto the cotton balls to look like cinnamon.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Roundup: 12 Cosy Textile DIYs for Fall

by Stephanie Lee
DIY yarn table runner - Pretty Prudent
Photo: Pretty Prudent

When autumn rolls around, there's nothing I like better than getting out all my chunky knits and soft woollen blankets in preparation for the cooler days ahead. But why stop there when you can add that snug feel to your home as well? Click through for 12 super cosy textile projects for fall and winter.


Isn't this the most inviting wall hanging you ever did see? (via Sugar and Cloth).

Pom pom wall art - Sugar and Cloth
Photo: Sugar and Cloth

Even wall art looks good all done up in yarn (via A Beautiful Mess).

Yarn wall art - A Beautiful Mess
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Make yourself some stylish textile storage with these neon fabric coil bowls (via We Are Scout).

Neon coil bowls - We are Scout
Photo: We Are Scout

Pillows are already pretty cosy, but they're even more inviting with a yarn makeover don't you think? (via Fall for DIY) 

Yarn embellished pillow - Fall for DIY
Photo: Fall for DIY

Add a little woollen warmth to your lights with this colourful bohemian pendant DIY (via Love Maegan).

Yarn and bead light fixture - Love Maegan
Photo: Love Maegan

Brighten up your table with this colourful yarn table runner (via Pretty Prudent).

Yarn table runner - Pretty Prudent
Photo: Pretty Prudent

These yarn wall hangings are stylish, modern and perfect for fall (via Homey Oh My)

Modern yarn wall hanging - Homey Oh My
Photo: Homey Oh My

Nothing says comfort like a cosy woven rug (via A Beautiful Mess).

Woven circle mat - A Beautiful Mess
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Your plants will certainly be ready for the colder weather with these yarn hanging plant holders (via Fall for DIY).

Yarn hanging planters - Fall for DIY
Photo: Fall for DIY

Bathroom storage needn't be plain or boring - try dressing up your baskets in pom poms for an instant facelift! (via Home Edit).

Yarn pom pom basket - Home Edit
Photo: Home Edit

Make these stitched coasters to go with all those hot cups of tea you'll be drinking over the cooler months (via Blitsy).

Rope stitched coasters - Blitsy
Photo: Blitsy

Nothing's too small for a little yarn makeover - even keys are fair game! (via Creme de la Craft).

Yarn wrapped keys - Creme de la Craft
Photo: Creme de la Craft

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Make It: Vegetable Print Tote Bag

by Stephanie Lee
Vegetable print tote bag

I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot of tote bags. In fact my drawers are filled with pretty much every colour, pattern and size imaginable. 

But given that I throw everything into these bags as I run out the door including my gym clothes, craft glues and other items that I don’t want anywhere near my food, I thought it was high time I reserved a bag just for my fresh fruit and vegetables. Click through to grab the printable file and decorate a tote bag of your own!

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