SupermarketHQ: Buy Design Straight from Designers

by Bruno Bornsztein

Everybody knows Etsy is the giant when it comes to buying handmade goods, and it's not hard to find a wealth of good stuff there with which to decorate your home. But sometimes it's hard to filter out the regretsy from the good stuff. This week I stumbled upon Supermarket, which is a marketplace for great design, direct from the designers. Read on to see some of the good stuff I found with very little effort:

Tetrad Flat Shelving

This bookshelf isn't cheap (at $2,600), but it's pretty inspirational. Maybe you could approximate something similar on your own?

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Fun and Colorful Hamburger Cushions.

by Chris Gardner

Love the hamburger bed, but not quite up to the intensity? Get a taste of these hamburger scatter cushions, equally fun all stacked up or spread about.

hamburger cushions Fun and Colourful Hamburger Scatter Cushions

From NotToday's Etsy shop:
"These fun and colourful hamburger scatter cushions are a great addition to any lounge room, or living are!
Each cushion is approx 75cm across the middle, and the two tomato cushions are approx 35cm across the middle.
This yummy centrepiece looks great scattered and...

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Ornj Bags: Recycled Construction Fencing Goes Fashionable.

by Chris Gardner

Ornj bags, Ornj Totes, David Shock Designs, David Shock Ornj, recycled construction fencing, repurposed plastics, green fashion, eco-totes, sustainable style, green accessories, eco friendly fashion, Detroit designers, green design, street fashion

"Detroit-based designer David Shock...has cleverly found a way to repurpose discarded day-glo construction fencing into one-of-a-kind totes for market and around town shopping. Ornj Bags are not only eco-friendly, but also a smart way to keep the neighborhood tidy and vibrant with street fashion that allows you to go green for the long haul!"

Clever, eyecatching, and quite DIYable.

From Inhabitat.


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