How To: Door Knob Pumpkins

by Chris Gardner

How To: Door Knob Pumpkins

I have a box of door knobs in my basement. No joke. I found them on the sidewalk one morning, set out for the trash collectors, while riding my bike. They're brass and pretty ugly, so I imagine the homeowners were updating to something more contemporary. They've been sitting in their box for nearly two years now, waiting for me to come up with some project to give them a second chance.

I think I found it with HowDoesShe's doorknob pumpkin patch. And, since you're probably not as crazy as I am and don't keep a box of used door knobs in your basement, author Bobbi demonstrates the project can be done just as easily using 50-cent cabinet pulls from the hardware store.

created at: 10/18/2010

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DIY Hangable Hamper

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


created on: 04/15/08

Oftentimes it's quite simple to improve on an old idea.  This DIY Hangable Hamper took me two hours, tops, to design and complete.  It can be constructed from remnant fabrics and old purse handles salvaged from the Goodwill or your mom's closet.  My less-than-tidy husband is thinking of attaching  a hook on the wall in the closet so he can test out his wife's jiffy design.

what you need:

sewing machine

1 yard remnant or new fabric


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