Wrapping Alternative with Japanese Cloth Wrapping

by Whamodyne

Maybe it's because I watch far too much anime and see this technique used to wrap lunch boxes all the time, but when I saw this post on the Make Magazine blog about instructions for Japanese fabric wrapping (aka  Furoshiki)  I wanted to try it.

Cut to a few days later when I found some nice faux-leather wine containers in Michaels.  Then when in the dollar store I noticed a pack of two pillowcases for, well, a dollar.  Armed with these two items...

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Countertop Greenhouse

by Whamodyne



Finished Countertop Greenhouse with the top open

It all started when I decided to get my mother a herb garden for Christmas.  I had a vague memory of a countertop greenhouse I saw at an Ikea store about 5 years ago.  It was made of thin wood and thin plastic.  I decided that a plain old herb garden starter kit wasn't enough, it needed a greenhouse to go around it.  In my folks kitchen bay window, it would do great.  

First thing was getting the major materials together.  These where:

  • 1" x 4" x...

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Get your contest entry in before it's too late!

by Bruno Bornsztein

Curbly's Cheap is the New Black contest is almost over! With only five entries so far, your chances of winning some kick-ass t-shirts are pretty good.

The challenge? Give us your best sub-$20 DIY project.

Here's what you're up against: 

magnet door

Posted by jrysavy

Sorry, this topic has two posts, but thanks to ben, it reminded me of the $20 or under contest.My builder gave me the sheets of metal, and after adding 6 screws and some...

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