The Fix Its: Get Literary With an Easy Book Art Project

by Bruno Bornsztein

The Fix Its get literary with an easy book art project
Winter finally came to Minnesota this weekend, so we chilled out indoors and created some art for our walls. In this project, we take old, overlooked books and do some paper-folding kung-fu to turn them into works of art.

This cheap, easy, and fun project is a great way to add some artwork to a room without breaking open your wallet. Check it out!





 Here's the finshed product:


The finished book art product (The Fix Its). Literary Twist in on the bottom, Diamonds are Forever on top.


"Diamonds are forever" is on top...

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YouTube DIY roundup

by Bruno Bornsztein

Well, it's been a while since my last roundup of DIY videos on YouTube, and sure enough, there's some good stuff out there I missed the last time around.  Let's get started...

No one know how to not do things better than Mr. Bean. Here, he shows how not to do a few simple home improvement projects: 

Here's a cool, innovative way to mix concrete:

aaand... a short, sweet how-to on making your own handy dandy shirt folder (for FREE!):

This digital wall...

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Switched On: Renter's Switch plates

by Beccajo

Ok so you're renting your apartment and can't paint, wallpaper, or make any major changes.

Why not have a bit of fun with your switchplates and outlet covers?


  • Scissors
  • Magazines, calendars, maps, post cards, or newspapers with interesting images
  • Tape (double sided or regular, it don't matter!)
  • Pin or needle
  • Screwdriver (the metal kind. Not the kind made with Orange Juice)
  • OPTIONAL: Permanent marker or nail polish, PVA glue or waterproof...

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Plumbing--Replacing Galvanized Pipe

by Sparkie


Wanted to tell you what I have done this week.  I am starting the renovations for my house, which I affectionately call my "Foreclosed Palace" (colonial revival cape cod, I think.  The former owner was a crackhead carnie.  His loss, my gain, I guess.

I replaced the original galvanized piping to the 2nd floor bath w/ plastic.  I do not sweat solder copper pipe. Well, I can do it but I don;t trust my soldering, unless I might be making a...

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Chalk it Up to 2007

by Erinloechner

Ok confession time. I'm a massive stickler for organization. Like HUGE. Ask my husband; he's quite used to my rants and raves when our gift cards aren't alphabetized in their correct file folders, complete with the running total of amounts, dated in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Sad, but true.

Chalk it Up to 2007

So you can imagine my excitement when Martha Stewart Living paid homage to my new favorite organizational trend: chalkboard paint. I've been eyeing this trend...

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DIY USB Powered Christmas Tree...

by Roadvermin

Well its that time of year again the streets of Lyon are awash with bodies running here and there doing as many errands as they can before the whole country closes up for the Holiday. The local Franprix is packed with people buying booze and food so they can celebrate the weekend with a fuzzy head and a full belly.

DIY USB Powered Christmas Tree...

This is our first Christmas together and it shaping up to be a great one earlier this week we decided that our home need a tree to...

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