Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table With Items Found In Nature

by Lexy Ward

Natural items for thanksgiving tables
It can be stressful planning out what your Thanksgiving table is going to look like. Do you want fancy? Do you want simple? Natural? The possibilities are daunting. Make your life a little easier by incorporating items found in nature! Small amount of work. Big impact. Everybody wins! Here are a few tips for getting the most of nature this Thanksgiving season!      

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Make a Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner in ONE HOUR!

by DIY Maven

Domino gives us all the details on how to make a from-scratch turkey dinner with all the trimmings in one hour. The menu, which serves 8, includes:

And their choice of wine to accompany your 1 hour meal? Red Zinfandel.

For a shopping list, kitchen prep and step by...

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